My favorite couple is done :/ 

so word has finally gotten to me that the beloved Kourtney Kardashian & Scott Disick have broken up. The fashion icon couple is done. Praying they get back together because, despite their many faults, I love their dinamic duo aura.  

 We love them, we hate them, we just want to know more about them. who knows!? either way I know I’ll miss them together. xoxo

Fourth of July face 

 hi loves! I hope you had a great and safe fourth! for my make up I went naturally smokey. I used my naked palette for my eyes and brow bone. benefit “browzings” for my arched brows. Mac compact and neutrogena loose powder with maybelline fit bronzer and mac bronzer for my contour. another great mac product is the peony pedal for my blush on my cheeks. and my favv product by benefit is the roller lash for my lashes. As I said before completely worth the $25 I believe. lately I’ve been really in to color on the lips, so I used neutrogena revitalizing lip balm in healthy blush! really nice to put on and has a great pink color. it’s a process putting my face on but totally worth the hours and money right? haha hopefully I’m right. if you have any questions for what I used please feel free to comment! xoxo   

Love and enhance your brows & lashes!! 

I have always had very fair and light eyebrows. it’s been a life time struggle to get my brows where I want them to be and Im sure you all can relate? anyways, Im totally obsessed with benefits “browzings” in light. I apply using benefits angled brush. benefit is a little pricey but not too bad! totally worth it if you ask me! and my latest buy, which is the best decision I’ve made, is buying benefits roller lash mascara! if you want long, amazing lashes that’s the one you want!  


Natural is, in fact, still a thing

look here. this is a perfect example of natural beauty. you can still see the make up but it looks natural and not an insane amount like some people tend to do. cake face is not okay. let’s just make that clear. personally this make up is great for her eyes. it makes them pop. I did the make up and I know her so I know what will look good with her red hair and blue eyes. knowing what looks good on each individual is key. xoxo


Prom Make up 

hello everyone! it’s no secret I adore make up so I thought I’d share my personal favorite! bold is brilliant! for example this prom make up I did! don’t mind her facial expression however this is my fav! smokey eyes never go out of fashion, can you agree? xoxo 


New here :) 

hi everyone! Im Katie but I go by Knastyyy. just a fun little nick name I got a long time ago. Im new here but filled with knowledge about fashion and make up so please stay with me. I’ll be posting more of my own work here soon! xoxo